Friday, January 17, 2014

What a Long Day! So many things to do, so little time.

Happy Thursday (well, uh... Friday, I guess - now that it is 2:44am!)

What a long day I feel like I've had. I suppose 12 hours can be considered 'long'. 

I recently received a request for a Valentine's Day Headband (similar to the one at the other end of the link), but a little altered so I've been crocheting different sized and colored hearts as well as a 2-stranded headband to go with. This is day two for it, as I spent an afternoon/evening two days ago stitching up some "funny phrases" on these small crocheted hearts. I have a few more adjustments, but I will be sharing this one soon! 

It also brought back my urge to cross stitch, as I felt more inspired with the words on the cloth canvas. I've decided I am going to work up a design of Valentine's Conversation Hearts with cross stitching. Not sure if this will be up in time for the season, but at least one more of the ideas in my head will be in my hands.

I also have been working on wedding invitations for my cousin, Sandra's, wedding. It has been quite an experience (and lots of learning) with making them so far. My recent dilemma included an inability to print white font straight onto purple card stock. What a headache! But now that I have discovered my options and a semi-alternative for it - vellum - I feel a little accomplished. Wedding invitations will be added to my Etsy shop and Facebook page soon! If you have any special requests (for any occasion), I'd love the challenge.

Also on the list of things to do today, but did not get completed: 

1) complete the jewelry option sets for Sandra's wedding - as I started yesterday. Got the basic ideas down [ALSO TAKING REQUESTS/CHALLENGES]; 

2) clean the oven - since my whole house now gets smokey when I use it!; 

3) Start working on a friend's, Vy's, wedding invitations - was proud that I went and got all the different papers to experiment with, though! They're ON SALE at Joann's right now!! 5 sheets of Darice card stock for $1, and specialty papers 50% off!!!!!! Sale ends January 18th.

4) Add picture's of Madison, Tiffany and Tyler (the Lindhorn's) wearing their newest creations to my blog, Facebook and Etsy pages.

5) Re-work a few crochet patterns I have worked up in the last week, including the plastic bag holder and a green ribbed scarf to go with the green ribbed hat I made for my boyfriend, Chad. These will be FREE patterns. Check back soon for them!

6) Try my hand at a card/project or two in celebration of National Thesaurus Day, which is on Saturday, January 18th. This will still be on my list, even after it's passed! Another idea, in hand thing.

Mission's Accomplished (in addition to the above):

1) Finally turned in my costume to Disney - being that I quit 4 months ago! Hoping they release my paycheck they've been holding...::crosses fingers::...

Wishing everyone a safe, long weekend.

:) Alexandra

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years 2014 Nails!

I took the time to look up some different New Year’s Eve nail designs. I picked: - for the stars and gold glittered tips. Although I did not do it this time, this is still a pretty design. - for the beautiful fireworks! Even though I did not do it this time, I have done fireworks before for the 4th of July. I feel they're more appropriate for that.

My version of this is shown on my middle finger. I used star shaped glitter, which I bought in a variety pack with like five (5) other different kinds of glitter at Joann's, similar to this one. In the variety pack there was also large gold glitter which I placed around the stars. 
To place the glitter, I used a toothpick. I continuously dipped the toothpick end into some water so it would pick up the glitter pieces and then placed it onto my nail while the polish was still wet. If you do this, make sure to lightly press all the corners of the stars down so you don't have any points sticking up after everything dries. (If you do have points sticking up though, it won't pull them off and you won't really feel it if you run your fingers along it. Just annoying to see.)
This is the second time that I've done the glitter dots and stars on my nails. They hold up very well - most of them stay on for as long as the nail polish is on - and are an easy clean up later when it's time to change.; the beautiful color (as I though that was one of the new magnetic nail polishes my mom bought me for Christmas, but it was actually purple) and the gold swirls.
Since I didn't have any gold nail polish, I used the gold glitter dots to create my own swirls. 
My original plan was to make the ring finger and index finger with the same design just facing opposite directions. After I did my first index finger, I changed my mind. It was time consuming and not as easy to duplicate. This is why the ring finger is just the magnetic nail polish with a strip diagonally in the center. - for the clock and “2013[4]”. 
The 2014 is shown on my pinky's, with added gold glitter dots.
Originally I did paint a clock on my thumbs but did it backwards (facing me) and when I took it off to redo it, I decided on champagne glasses instead.; - for the champagne glasses and goldness. Not really sure what the shower thing on the middle finger is supposed to be o_O;
I filled in my champagne glasses with more gold glitter dots. On one thumb, I made two glasses; On the other (pictured), just one.
The top coat was already drying once I put the glitter dots on the thumb that had the two champagne glasses so only a few of them have survived. I joked with my boyfriend that I drank those two glasses. for New Years. Hehe.

If I chose to do something like this again, the only thing I would change is the placement of the champagne glasses and 2014. I'd swap them to give the champagne glasses the length, and the 2014 the width.

Toddler Crochet Thick White Hat with Earflaps and/or Fingerless Gloves - Pattern Reviews

This hat pattern was courtesy of Sarah over at Repeat Crafter Me. The hats were supposed to be snowman (and woman) for my little cousins, Madison and Tyler, but I started them about a month ago - when it would have been fun to sport around a snowman with the holidays upon us, but now that the holidays are over, I figured it's best just to make them as is so they can be worn whenever and not specific to winter.
If you'd like a hat as a snowman, please message me. I'd be happy to create it for you!

I followed the pattern for the preschooler size, and added the extra round of single crochet as recommended by Sarah. Although, not very big, the double crochet makes it work up much faster! And since it's made using two strands of yarn at one time, it makes it nice and thick to keep little ones heads warm.
The hats have a crocheted chain attached and have a small pom pom on the ends. This can be omitted if you prefer, or in a different color! Feel free to message me for adjustments.

I chose to use Deborah Norville's Everyday Soft yarn in White, and I Love This Yarn in Royal Blue, and Red Heart Super Saver in Lavendar. They are 100% acrylic yarn but nice and soft. You can click any of these links to see what other color options are available!

The fingerless gloves pattern was courtesy of Corina at Stitch11
These measure approximately 3" wide by 8" long, and should fit a toddler 2 - 4 years old. 
Quick, and easy to work up! Each pair took me less than an hour to put together.
I had purchased two balls of the white yarn, and with it I was able to make both hats and two pairs of the fingerless gloves with a tad bit left over.

These Toddler Crochet Thick White hats and fingerless glove sets are available for purchase in my Etsy shop. I welcome custom orders and/or adjustments so feel free to ask :)

I will be sending these out to the Lindhorns within the next few days and cannot wait to get pictures of Tyler and Madison wearing them! Updates to come!

Adult and Toddler Mixed Berries Slouchie Hat and Scarf - Pattern Reviews

I get an email once a week from Lion Brand with the picks of the week. A few weeks ago, I received one that had homespun yarn being featured. That is where the Roaring Twenties Inspired Beanie with Posy Flower Embellishment came from. I had this One Skein Beret and Scarf Set bookmarked to go back and check out. I figured well, if I can make both with one skein then why not?

For Christmas I received a gift card to Joann's from my Grandma Judy (even though she's really my boyfriend's Grandma, and not mine... YET). I used that bad boy to get some Homespun Thick and Quick yarn in Mixed Berries. At first, I grabbed the wrong one :( I picked up the regular Homespun yarn in mixed berries and attempted to make the beret. When I was about halfway done, I put the beret up to my head and dropped it in disappointment. Back to Joann's for the correct yarn... (as if going back to Joann's is a bad thing).

I started the beret again, and just wasn't pleased with it. Even with the right yarn this time and the correct size hook, the beret was still too small. Plus, the crinklyness of the yarn, makes crocheting the brim with the FPSC quite challenging. 

Sooooo..... I pulled out the yarn, and started on the scarf - to take a break. What a great idea! The pattern was nice and easy to follow, and the scarf worked up quickly. I was done in about an hour plus weaving in my ends. One of the things I enjoy about the homespun yarn is that weaving in is easier because of the crinklyness. It seems to all get stuck exactly where it needs to.

I decided that since I had a whole ball of homespun yarn from my mispurchase, I would make my little cousin Madison a hat and scarf. Her favorite color is purple as you may have noticed from my Pretty Purple Set, so what better to use than a ball of a mixture of purples?

For her scarf, I googled the average size of a toddler's scarf and decided on 4"x30". I used the same pattern (link found above) but I changed a few minor things: 
     1.) Since I was using a thinner yarn, I switched to a K10.5/6.5mm hook;
     2.) To obtain the size I was going for, I chained 16 to start. The end result was a little shy of the 4", finishing up at about 3.75"


Corina over at Stitch11 has a great pattern for a Granny Slouch Hat in an adult size, child size, and toddler size. I liked the look of it much more than the beret - just seems more full to me. AND! The pattern was so much easier to follow. She does such wonderful things. Visit her!
I was able to work up the adult hat in about 2 hours, and the child's hat in about an hour. For both hats, I used the regular homespun yarn.

Adult Slouchie Hat and Scarf
Toddler Slouchie Hat and Scarf

All in all, I used a little more than half a ball of the Homespun Thick and Quick yarn, and a ball and a half of the regular Homespun yarn.

And! While wearing this set for the pictures, I came to the discovery that I definitely need to make myself a set! (As the original will go to my cousin, Tiffany, so she and her little one can match.) It's soft and warm. With temperatures down into the 30's now and working in the booth outside, I could definitely use a nice warm scarf - just have to change up the colors a bit to match my work uniform.

The Adult Mixed Berries Slouchie Hat and Scarf set, and the Toddler Mixed Berries Slouchie Hat and Scarf set are available in my Etsy shop. The adult hat has a finished circumference of about 20" and will stretch a little to fit a range of sizes. The toddler hat has a finished circumeference of about 15". There are also lots of colors to choose from so if you'd like a different color, here you can find the color options.

I welcome customer orders and/or adjustments so don't be shy to ask!

**I do not get paid for endorsing any particular company. I just shop the deals and wherever they may take me, that is the route I follow.