Monday, April 10, 2017

Chicken Coasters & Happily Hooked Magazine Issue 36

Photo courtesy of Happily Hooked Magazine.
My Chicken Coasters can be found in the latest issue of the Happily Hooked Magazine - March 2017, Issue 36 - which features some pretty and practical Home Decor Projects.

For Todd's mom's birthday last year, he asked me to make some chicken coasters for her because she looovvveeess chickens! I came up with both of these designs, but settled on the Hen ones, and ended up making a set of 6.
They all laughed at the other design, saying it looked like a chicken's butt! That one was inspired by my Cat Face Coasters - I was going for a similar look. Worked out even better I guess, hehe!

To complete these coasters, you will need less than one skein each of Lily Sugar n Cream Yarn - I used Ecru, Red and Yellow colorways - or about 105 yards of worsted weight cotton yarn, and an I9/5.5mm crochet hook. With one super sized skein, you can easily make 6 - 8 coasters (or maybe even more).

Issue 36 Also Features...

These Crochet Patterns:
     - Spring Breeze Blanket by Kenneth Cormier
     - Cypress Bloom Centerpiece by Kenneth Cormier
     - Mandala Clock by Lucy Ward
     - Parchment Meadow Pillow by Heather C Gibbs
     - Jewel Tones Baby Blanket by Angela Plunkett
     - Paw Print Pillow by Karen Peacock
     - Cotton Candy Pom Pom Rug by Lee-Anne Sartori
     - Cottonwood Dishcloth by Debbie Richardson
     - Textured Waves Rug by Patsy Harbor for Red Heart

These Articles:
     - Stitch of the Month: Simple Chevron
     - Business Tip: Dealing with Negative Feedback
     - Crochet Heals: Athena Field
     - Artist Profile: Hannah March Sanders
     - Random Acts of Giving
     - Hooked on... Roundup
     - Red Heart Pattern Roundup
A few of my favorites include the Paw Print Pillow (top left), which includes "meow" and "woof", the Cottonwood Dishcloth (top right), which is a great project to learn the stitch on and apply to others, the Mandala Clock (bottom left), and the Spring Breeze Blanket (bottom right), which would look great in any color combination!
Photo is front cover of March 2017, Issue 36.
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  1. Love your chicken coasters.


  2. I also loooovvveee chickens ;-) I think your coasters are adorable. And congratulations that they are in that magazine!
    Have a great day, Sigrid

    1. I love chickens too :) I have been thinking about getting some more, especially now that I work in a bird store and am exposed to all our guests who have birds and hear the stories they share with me. Thanks for the congrats :)

  3. Hi. I am currently working on the Chicken Coasters and have a question. When I get to row 5 you indicate that I should have 33 hdcs when I finish the round. However, if I am following the instructions correctly I end up with 36 hdc. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Looking at the math, you are so right. I only made 10 of these - can't believe I didn't catch that! Give me a minute to work one up.

    2. So... Round 5 should be, Chain 1, turn. 2 HDC into the 1st HDC, HDC into the next 3 HDCs, (2 HDC into the next HDC, HDC into the next 3 HDCs) 5x, 2 HDC into the next HDC, HDC into the next HDC, 2 HDC into the next HDC. (35 HDC) The following row is correct.
      So sorry for the confusion! But thank you for reaching out to me so I can correct it!

    3. Thank you for the update. I just finished a set of four.